Dealing with Matting in Dog Coats: A Comprehensive Guide for Dog Groomers

Matting is a prevalent and potentially severe issue that many dog groomers confront daily. This condition, often caused by dense knots and tangles in a dog's fur, can be painful for our furry friends and lead to other health problems such as skin irritations and infections. Dog breeds with long or curly hair, like Poodles, Doodles, and Shih Tzus, are especially prone to matting. But fear not, fellow dog groomers, because handling matting in a dog's coat can be made easier, particularly when armed with the right dog clipper blades and knowledge.

Causes of Matting

The factors contributing to matting range from friction due to a dog's harness or collar, seasonal shedding periods, to the presence of allergens and parasites. The dampness of a dog's fur, whether from rain, swimming, or improper drying after a bath, can also contribute to matting. 

Addressing Matting - The Grooming Process

Addressing matting depends on its severity. For mild matting, it can be brushed out with detangling sprays and tools, but this should be done cautiously as it can be time-consuming and painful for the dog.

For severe cases, a complete shave may be necessary for the dog's welfare. This approach ensures that no accidental wounds are inflicted on the dog's skin during an attempt to cut out the mats using scissors (which is not reccomended).


Your Secret Weapon: Goomsaber Clipper Blades

As dog groomers, our best ally against matting is a high-quality set of dog clipper blades. Goomsaber clipper blades are an excellent choice for their exceptional precision and durability. They come in various sizes to handle different breeds and coat conditions, making them perfect for our line of work.

It's advisable to start with a 7F blade, which leaves a hair length of about 3.2mm, ideal for a smooth, short body cut. If you encounter resistance due to dense matting, switch to the #10 Goomsaber blade, leaving a shorter coat length of 1.5mm.

Some groomers might prefer starting with a 5F blade. Its effectiveness may vary on badly matted coats and may not be as good as a 7F blade or a #10 blade. However, it might be worth trying if your customer wants to leave the coat as long as possible.

Here's a handy blade guide for your reference:

A Pro Tip for Dog Groomers

When dealing with matting, especially if it results in a short cut, it can be helpful to frame this as a positive to the pet owner. Refer to it as a refreshing summer haircut or a fresh start for their pet. This can help them understand the necessity of the cut while also seeing the upside for their beloved pet.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Remember, regular brushing and grooming can prevent matting. Educating pet owners about this can save them (and you) from the painstaking de-matting process. But when matting does occur, be prepared with your trusty Goomsaber dog clipper blades and the knowledge of how to handle the situation with care.

Dealing with matting is part of our job as dog groomers, and with the right approach, tools, and a compassionate touch, we can make a significant difference in the lives of our furry clients. So keep those Goomsaber clipper blades ready and continue offering top-notch service to your clientele.

Remember, as dog groomers, we're not just dealing with coats, we're taking care of someone's best friend. Happy grooming!

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